At your First Look Appointment, we will try on YOUR gown (yay!) + any additional accessories you would like to complete your bridal look. We will use this time to style you for the rest of your day. This is an ideal time to shop our extensive collection of bridal accessories, as it will be one of the last times you’ll have on your gown aside from gown fittings with the seamstress. We have veils, sashes, earrings, headpieces, robes, garters, bridesmaids’ gifts, + much more.
Additionally, during this appointment we will go over the alterations process with you.

How long will my First look appointment take?

Around 30 minutes. However, we do book an entire hour to make sure we have ample time to choose accessories + perfect your bridal look. If you plan on inviting guests to your First Look, please make sure everyone arrives on time.

When is my balance due?

The remaining balance on your gown order has to be paid in full at your First Look appointment. No exceptions.
Any accessories ordered will require full payment at this time as well.

Do I take my dress with me that day?

Yes! You will take your gown with you at the end of your First Look appointment. You will need it in your possession to begin the alterations process. Exceptions will apply if your first fitting takes place at Maggie Louise, in which case the seamstress will take the gown home with her to begin executing alterations.

How Do I store my gown once i take it with me?

We have quality hangers + opaque garment bags that provide a safe place for your gown to hang until the big day. Keep it inside the bag for storage (away from curious fiancé eyes) + traveling purposes.

Do I need to bring my shoes to my first Look Appointment?

Plan to have the shoes you’d like to wear for the big day by this time. If you are seeing the seamstress during your appointment or immediately after, your shoes are a must. The seamstress will be unable to execute your hem if you do not have them during this time. If for some reason you still do not have them, bring a pair of shoes with the same height of heel you plan to wear for the wedding so the seamstress can get started on this aspect of the fitting process.

Speaking of shoes .. can I change shoes between ceremony + reception?

If you’d like to change shoes from ceremony to reception, you will need to stick with the same heel height. Otherwise, your dress will drag the ground + get caught under your feet. We caution against doing this, as it will cause more significant wear + tear during the reception if you do this.

Where is my first look appointment?

At Maggie Louise!! Just as before, you’ll have a private appointment at the boutique when you step into your beauty for the first time.

Can i schedule my first look on a saturday?

Unfortunately, First Look appointments take place on weekdays. Due to the way we book + reserve bridal appointments, we cannot do First Looks on Saturday. You will need to plan for a long weekend or schedule a late afternoon appointments during the week, so feel free to let us know ahead of time if you have specific dates (days off, travel times, etc) in mind for coming back to see us.

How will I bustle my gown?

All gowns arrive without a bustle. Your seamstress will place a custom bustle in your gown during the alterations process. Make sure you take someone with you to your final gown fitting with the seamstress who can learn how to execute your bustle on the big day.

Will I need to steam my gown/veil before my wedding?

We will steam your gown +/or veil for you prior to your First Look appointment; however, you will still need to make sure your gown + veil is steamed the day(s) before the big day. You will travel with everything in their protective garment bags, so once you are at the final destination (after alterations), it will all need to be touched up again.
— If you have a day-of coordinator, ask them to help steam your gown or arrange for someone to do so. Talk to them about this prior to wedding day so you have a plan several weeks prior.
— If possible + safe to do so, remove the gown + veil from the bags in the days leading up to the wedding to allow wrinkles to fall out. Steam the day before the wedding as well so that only minor touch-ups, if needed, can be done on day-of.
— You don’t have to have a professional steamer — a handheld steamer should do the job!

What if I’m taking bridal portraits? Does this change my timeline?

We recommend taking bridal portraits as close to the wedding date as possible. Please make sure to notify us + your seamstress when your portraits are scheduled because this does change the timeline + process of alterations. We will all do our best to accommodate alterations prior to your portraits, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee another round of alterations between portraits and wedding date (should it be needed due to fluctuations). Its important to communicate this thoroughly with your seamstress to ensure everything is ready to go for the big day!


Any other questions?

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