While they do not work in or at the boutique, we have a team of seamstresses who are exclusive to Maggie Louise brides + are highly regarded for their talent. By outsourcing this element, it allows us to provide our brides with the most conservative pricing for the alterations process. We’ve worked with each of our seamstresses since opening in 2012 + they’ve taken care of thousands of our happy brides over the years.

how much do alterations cost?

Bridal gown alterations typically range anywhere from $250.00 - $750.00, depending on the gown, the designer, and changes needed. Standard alterations (general tailoring, hem, bustle) cost an average of $400 with our seamstresses.


You will see the seamstress approximately 2-3 months before your wedding week. Once we have your First Look scheduled, we will do our best to coordinate your first fitting while you are in town.

How do i schedule my first fitting appointment?

We will help you with this! When the time comes, we will tell you when and how to reach out to the seamstress, as well as the best way to get in touch with them.


The fitting process typically requires 2-3 visits to the seamstress. Ideally you will see her for the first initial fitting + then a final fitting, but if there are additional changes needed during the second visit then a third time may be required.

I’m now unsure I can travel to memphis 2-3 times for fittings! can i have it altered where I live?  

Don’t sweat it! If you originally thought you wanted to do alterations here, but have since realized it would be best to do alterations where you currently live, call us (901.316.5397)! We will do some research + do our best to find a trusted + vetted seamstress in your area to make things easier for you.

Will I meet with the seamstress at Maggie Louise?

You will meet with the seamstress in their studio space (either their home or work studio). All locations are within 20-25 minutes from Maggie Louise. Depending on the seamstresses’ schedule, your timeline + drive time to the Memphis area, we may be able to arrange for your first fitting appointment to take place at the boutique; however, we cannot guarantee this. If not, we will send you the address + directions at the appropriate time to ensure you have all the information at your fingertips.

help! I can’t get in touch with my seamstress. what do i do?

If you need any assistance in getting in touch with your seamstress, please let us know! We keep them very busy + they also have creative brains, so this can at times make for the perfect recipe for a delayed response to text messages or calls ;) If you do not receive a response within 24-48 hours, feel free to reach out to them once again or let us know you need help!

Do I have to use a Maggie Louise seamstress?

Absolutely not! However, we do highly recommend you use our seamstresses. This enables us to make sure your alterations process goes as smoothly as possible. Outside of our trusted seamstresses, we cannot vouch for quality of work, estimated pricing, nor timeline. Please do let us know if you plan on using someone else so that we can still assist you in the best way possible + check in along the way.

WHAT IS A BUSTLE? How will my gown bustle?

A bustle is the sewing process of transitioning a wedding gown to function as if it has no train by lifting up the train or tucking it into itselfAll gowns arrive to Maggie Louise without a bustle. Your seamstress will execute a custom bustle in your gown based on what functionally works best for your gown style. Make sure you take someone with you to your final fitting so the seamstress can teach them how to bustle your gown on the wedding day!

When do i need to have my shoes?

We recommend having your wedding shoes by the time you gown arrives to Maggie Louise. They are a must for beginning the alterations process + the seamstress will need you to have them at your first fitting. If for some reason you don’t have them by this point, you will need to bring a pair of shoes similar in height to what you plan to wear so they can hem your gown to that specific length. Changing shoe height during the alterations process could require an entirely new hem, thus incurring a double charge.

Do I need special undergarments?

You will not need to wear a bra under your gown — cups will be sewn into your gown if desired during alterations. Underwear worn under your gown is personal preference and completely up to you, but we do recommend nude. (Some styles will require seamless underwear depending on the fabrication of the gown). Spanx can add unnecessary layers that cause your gown to ride up, but if you feel more comfortable with this type of undergarment on, please be sure to take them to your first fitting so you will have an idea of how they look and feel with your gown.

What if I’m taking bridal portraits? Does this change my timeline?

We recommend taking bridal portraits as close to the wedding date as possible. Please make sure to notify us + your seamstress when your portraits are scheduled because this does change the timeline + process of alterations. We will all do our best to accommodate alterations prior to your portraits, but please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee another round of alterations between portraits and wedding date (should it be needed due to fluctuations). It is important to communicate this thoroughly with your seamstress to ensure everything is ready to go for the big day!

Why are alterations needed if gown is being ordered to my size? What if my weight changes?

While we take your measurements when ordering your custom gown, there are standard alterations that every bride will need to tailor the gown to fit perfectly before the big day — bodice tweaks + bust alterations, hem, bustle, etc. More extensive tailoring can also be needed if weight fluctuation has occurred between time of ordering and gown arrival; however, don’t stress about your weight! Just make sure you are feeling your best + the seamstress will make sure it fits beautifully for the big day!

Can my seamstress alter my mom’s dress?

Unfortunately, no. Our seamstresses are currently working at maximum capacity to take care of all of our brides.


Any other questions?

Please, hear us say this : the most important thing during the alterations process is that you know you can reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our goal is to make sure you are walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams + we are here to walk with you through this process every step of the way!