What is this ML Sale exactly?

We have chosen a select number of couture gowns from our collection to be in the ML sale. Some of the sale gowns are brand new and some have been gently loved as an ML sample. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis and will be purchased off-the-rack, meaning you take it home that very day! Hooray!

This sell-out sale only happens twice a year, so don't miss this amazing opportunity to find an amazing deal on the dress of your dreams! It is a whole lotta fun, so keep reading + email us with any questions!!

How much are the gowns in the Sale collection?

Majority of our gowns available during the sale are priced at $1,599! This means, whether the gown was originally $3,000 or $7,000, you get to take home your gown at $1,599. (We do have some sale gowns marked above + below this as well).

How should I prepare for the ML Sale?

Come with an open mind. As with any gown at Maggie Louise, we can make custom changes to sale gowns to make it uniquely yours in the fitting process. ML gals will be there to help pin you in the gown so you can envision the total look, as well as explain possible changes that can be made such as adding lace sleeves, straps, buttons, etc. Also, be sure to remember that the gowns will be drastically different once they fit you perfectly during alterations.

What size are the gowns included in the Sale?

The majority of our samples are traditional bridal sample sizes : 10 & 12. (This would be a standard women's clothing 6-10 depending on the designer). Please also note that sample gowns are designed for a B cup; therefore the gowns may not offer the proper support for a bust size larger than a D.

Can I book an appointment to shop the ML Sale?

Absolutely! In fact, we require it ... that way we can ensure you receive our one-of-a-kind ML experience!

When you arrive for your appointment, an ML gal will be ready and waiting to work one-on-one with you + help you find your dream dress. We will prepare for you before you ever arrive and will navigate the Sale options to help make the selection process easier + stress free.

Keep in mind that SALE appointments are limited to weekdays only. First appointment begins at 10AM + the last one will begin at 4PM.

How many people can I bring?

We ask that you limit your crew to 2 guests, but we promise we have your best interest at heart! Bring a small crowd + your key decision makers so you can follow your heart and focus on what you truly want to wear down the aisle.

How much are alterations? Where do I go?

Depending on what needs to be done to the gown + any custom changes, alterations can range from $250-500+. Average price point with our professional seamstresses will fall between $300-450. When the time comes, we will make sure you have the contact information for our dearly loved seamstresses and you will visit them to have everything perfected.

What if the gown needs to be cleaned?

The good news is that we have had almost all sale gowns cleaned before the event! If your gown has not been cleaned prior to the sale, we have accounted for this in the pricing of the gown. Either way, we have just the right person locally to send you to and we will even give you a discount card to make sure you are taken care of during the cleaning process. 

Can you hold a gown for me?

As much as we would love to, we can't hold any of the sale gowns. (After your appointment, if for some reason you are not ready to commit to “the one”, we have to place it back on the rack for our next bride). Once you’ve made your decision, you will get to take home your dress that very day!

I found my dream dress!! Now what?

Congratulations!! You are officially a Maggie Louise bride!! Once you've said "YES" to the dress, an ML gal will finalize everything with you and send you home with your dress. We will provide a Maggie Louise garment bag to store your dress and travel with. Payment will be due in full at time of purchase and we ask for debit, credit, or cash payments. (No checks, sorry)!!


CONTACT US with any questions regarding our Sample Sale!
We want to make this shopping experience as easy + fun as possible,
so we are here to help in any way that we can!