sweet Maggie Louise bride Krista married the love of her life on a beautiful day full of classic details + timeless romance. we are so blessed to have played a small role in this special love story helping Krista find her dream dress + accessories here at Maggie Louise! Krista’s stunning Martina Liana gown was the perfect dress to accent her classic southern wedding in Oxford, Mississippi.

Krista + Nick, we wish you all the joy in the world + an amazing future together!


How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story.: We actually met in high school and both moved off to Oxford to attend Ole Miss, where we started dating. We chose Oxford, MS as our wedding location because we wanted to take it back where it all started. We went to our first concert together at The Lyric Oxford, so our venue choice was a definite!


How did he propose? : Our proposal story is seriously one of a kind and I relive this day over and over again! 

Nick and I visit my Uncle Jojo a few times a year in Atlanta, GA. This trip, as I thought, was just another trip to see my Uncle Jojo and hang out with family all weekend. We woke up Friday to get ready to go out on the boat since it was Memorial weekend. Nick told me a few days earlier he planned a date for us in Atlanta for Friday night, so our day out on the boat would be cut short. We got out on the boat with a late start and only had a few hours on the water before we had to head back to the dock so we could get ready for dinner. My Uncle Jojo was rushing to get back and just kept saying, "We need to get back! They have reservations!" Knowing my Uncle Jojo, he hardly knows where his phone is half of the time to even know what time or day it is. I was thinking wow, Atlanta traffic at night must be way worse than during the day if Uncle Jojo is in this mad rush to get us back.

Nick insists we leave an hour early to get to the restaurant in downtown Atlanta because traffic will be bad. We arrive at the hotel, where the restaurant was on the top floor, and we sit at the bar downstairs. We grab a drink and I wait on Nick as he went to tell the restaurant we are there. Nick takes longer than expected to come back and I'm thinking to myself, what is going on?! I am starving! He finally comes back to tell me they forgot our reservation and they had to work us in. I was again thinking to myself, seriously?! How did they forget our reservation?? Nick seemed calm but also kind of shocked like he too couldn't believe they would forget our reservation. Nick said it would be about 30 more minutes before they have our table ready. I looked at Nick and said, "Let's just go to my favorite taco place up the street. We can have margaritas and tacos and call it a night. I don't really need this fancy dinner anyway. "(Because tacos and margaritas are life) Nick insisted that we stay there to wait on our reservation. Finally, a man dressed in all black comes to get us. He looked pretty important, in my opinion. I was thinking, wow, the managers here really take their job seriously! He had the secret ear buds in his ear, a secret walkie-talkie somewhere, I mean this guy was official. The man dressed in black wouldn't let anyone else get on the elevator with us except these two women that were going to the restaurant too. I didn't think anything of it until Nick said, "They must be going to eat too!"I start looking at the two women and I noticed they were holding CAMERA EQUIPMENT! I instantly almost started crying because I knew at that point I wasn't here for dinner reservations. The elevator doors open to the outside with steps leading up to somewhere. Nick looks at me and said, "Surprise! We are taking a helicopter tour over Atlanta and they are going to take our picture!"As soon as we stepped on the helipad, Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And, of course I said YES! We got in the helicopter and Nick had a GoPro setup in the helicopter where they made a small video clip for us to cherish forever. We had dinner reservations at a completely different restaurant called Sundial. It's a restaurant that takes 60 minutes to rotate around the entire city of Atlanta so you can catch all the good views of the city. Still to this day, I relive that memory over and over again. Nick was beyond thoughtful planning it out and caught me by total surprise!


What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? : By far, our first look! I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I seriously cry all over again every time I think about it. We’ve been dating for 6 years and have waited for that very moment for such a long time.


What was the design inspiration or theme for your wedding? Why was this special to you as a couple?: I really wanted an all white, classic, timeless and elegant wedding that we could look back on twenty years from now and still think it is classy. It was so important to us for our wedding and every detail to represent who we are as a couple. Nick was actually very involved in the planning and details process of our wedding and it makes it that much more special looking back on our day. He designed and drew out our wedding cake and Laura Jackson from the Flour Garden nailed it!


Best advice you received while planning for marriage or your big day.: The best advice I received for our big day was to eat privately at our reception and have the caterer fix a to-go plate for when you get back to your hotel after the reception. I really enjoyed having that small amount of private time eating with Nick at our reception. But, having a to-go plate waiting at the hotel for us was seriously a lifesaver. We were starving after the wedding was over!

What advice would you give to someone currently planning his or her wedding?: HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER AND DAY OF WEDDING COORDINATOR! I promise you will be thanking yourself by the end of your wedding day!


What made you choose Maggie Louise when searching for your gown? : I knew I needed the undivided attention that Maggie Louise could give me. I had no idea what style dress I wanted and was so lost when I tried to get ideas online. From the moment my appointment started, I knew I was in the right place. They allowed me to try on every style dress to eliminate my not-so-favorite dresses. I honestly had that moment every bride dreams about when she finds her dress and I truly don't think I would of had that if I wasn't at Maggie Louise. They picked out THE dress that I swear was made for me.


VENUES: Paris Yates Chapel and The Lyric

PHOTOGRAPHER: Eliabeth Looney Photography

FLORIST: Oxford Floral

MUSIC: Almost Famous

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTIST(S): Faces by Seven & Rachel Martin

VIDEO: Twenty Two Magnolias

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