the WHO | Who should I bring to my bridal appointment? 

 Bring 1-3 individuals you love + trust to support you. Keeping your party small + intimate will allow you to comfortably express your personal vision + style. YOUR voice is the most important. Adding more opinions simply makes it more difficult to listen to your own heart. 


the WHAT | What do I need to know before I set out on my search? 

 Establishing the time of year, wedding venue + your gown budget are a few of the big decisions we recommend ironing out before you begin your search (& help make the process as stress free as possible). Knowing your bridal style is not as important as most brides think — it is our job as the professionals to bring your bridal look to life + help you find a dress that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 


the WHERE | Where should I look find my gown? How many shops should I visit?

 Take the time to research boutique options + find your best match. Narrowing down your shopping experiences to as little as possible will help make the journey more special + far less overwhelming. This also ensures that you’ve picked a salon that is the right fit for you in style, selection + service quality. Working with a vetted salon who values you + is equally invested in your search makes for a memorable, peaceful experience.


the WHEN | When should I shop for my bridal gown?

 We recommend our brides to select the wedding gown 9-12 months in advance if time allows. The wedding gown can set the stage for the big day + all the details that follow. Many brides have fear they will have regrets if they choose too early, but just as your love for your groom has grown with time, so will your feelings about your wedding gown.


the WHY |  Why should I shop at a boutique rather than buying online?  

 Finding a wedding gown is a once in a lifetime experience + a luxurious one when done alongside a devoted + knowledgeable professional. In the era of online shopping, it is important to know that what you see on the internet is not what you get in the wedding dress world. Shopping in-person at a boutique, with a wide selection + quality designs, is essential to making the right choice, ensuring the right fit + that you are in the right hands up throughout the entire process.