How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story.: Mack and I met in 2015. I had just moved back to Memphis and knew no one so I was spending a lot of time with family. I was helping my grandmother at her church's fish fry (We're Catholic, through and through) when I met this lady who would not stop going on and on about her son and how great he was. When I got home that night, I decided I had nothing to lose by looking him up on Facebook and the rest is history. Turns out, my future-mother-in-law was right, her son is great!


How did he propose? : Mack and I planned a trip to the Bahamas in December 2017. He had never been out of the country before, so I took this as an opportunity to play "tour guide". I am 100% a control freak and love planning things, so Mack trusted me to plan our whole trip. He was desperate to go on a cruise, so we booked one for the week after Christmas. Two days before we left, our insurance agent sent me a policy binder for an engagement ring. I forwarded it to Mack, asking if he took out a new policy in my name. He was so calm that I was convinced it was an accident. He even had the agent call me to assure me that he sent it by mistake (which wasn't a total lie!). 

The first day of a cruise you have to wait for your bags to be delivered to your room, and Mack was so worried that our bags were taking a long time. I thought it was just because he had never been on a cruise and didn’t know about the time frame, but I later found out it was because the ring was in his suitcase! I was bugging him on the first day, telling him that the excursion I had planned for the next day, a “private” sail boat trip, would have been the perfect time to propose. He said he thought I was onto him at that point, but I was genuinely just being annoying. Once we were on the sail boat, I asked someone else that was with us to take a few pictures of us when Mack disappeared below deck for a long time. When he finally reemerged, he asked to take another picture, which is completely out of character for him, and that's when he got down on one knee! Mack still gives me a hard time for never saying "yes" and just repeating "are you serious?!" and "it's so big" over and over. He essentially let me plan my own proposal, on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean in Nassau, and it was perfect. 

The rest of the week was so wonderful because we didn't have cell service so we were able to really enjoy just being engaged between the two of us, before we got into the crazy of celebrating with family and friends. I couldn't have planned it better myself!


What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? : It's so hard to pick ONE! My favorite moment was the dinner that we had set up for ourselves before our entrance to the reception. It was the calmest 30 minutes of the night, where we could just sit, alone, and talk about our ceremony, catch up on what happened earlier in the day and watch as our guests arrived. We were also starving, so it was also wonderful that we had our favorite foods from Babalu in front of us!


What was the design inspiration or theme for your wedding? Why was this special to you as a couple?: I am a "plain jane", but my mom describes it as "simple elegance". (Moms always know how to word things nicely.) So, we didn't really have a theme or inspiration. The most important thing to us was that all our family members would be there and that everyone had a good time. We even rented VIP at Raiford's so that the party never had to end. So, if we have to pick one theme, I'd say "FUN".


Best advice you received while planning for marriage or your big day.: The best advice we received was to enjoy it while it lasts. The day went by so quickly, it was so important to stay in the moment. I woke up at 6:30AM Saturday and went to bed at 5:00AM Sunday and it was the shortest day of my life!


What advice would you give to someone currently planning his or her wedding?: There are three things we did that I would highly recommend to anyone getting married:
• Hire a wedding coordinator 
• Set aside a meal for you and your husband to eat before your entrance to your reception, or else you won't eat!
• Pack a pair of flat shoes to change into after your ceremony


What made you choose Maggie Louise when searching for your gown? : I loved the atmosphere of Maggie Louise and how "calm" I felt there. Every person I spoke to who was associated with ML was so kind and genuinely helpful.


VENUES: Holy Rosary Catholic Church | Dixon Gallery + Gardens

PLANNER &/or COORDINATOR: Melody Tartera

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kelly Ginn Photography

FLORIST: L and Jay Productions

MUSIC: DJ Mark Anderson

CATERER: Babalu's

CAKE: Frost Bake Shop

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTIST(S): Emily Jerome | Caitlin McGill

SEAMSTRESS: Sona Amroyan