Welcome to MAGGIE LOUISE, a lovely, chic bridal boutique tucked away like a
well-kept secret in a Memphis, Tennessee neighborhood. My name is Molly Farrell – a twenty-something, Mississippi gal who fell in love with wedding gowns way before her time.

So how’d that happen, you ask? Opening MAGGIE LOUISE felt like a very natural next step for me after many years spent at Allison Rodgers Photography. Behind the lens, I fell head over heels in love with the moments of pure joy I captured at many weddings. But, more than anything, I loved that magical moment when a bride steps into her dress - THE dress she’s been dreaming about all her life. Whether I was touching up lip gloss or bustling a big, white gown, I found I was at my best ensuring my bride’s big day was everything she hoped it would be.

I’ve made it my mission at MAGGIE LOUISE to make your bridal gown search a little sweeter. By infusing it with a wholesome dose of southern hospitality & love, ML creates a bridal experience unlike any other. There’s not much that fills my heart with more joy (well, aside from Jesus and my handsome husband) than uniting a bride with her perfect gown – a match just as singularly destined for her as her groom - amidst the comfort and joy of her loved ones. MAGGIE LOUISE bonds my reverence of bridal couture and southern charm. I look forward to sharing my dream come true with you, so I can help bring yours to life, too. 

owner + bridal stylist