Our sweet Maggie Louise Bride Amanda married her sweetheart Andrew this past May in Birmingham, Alabama + she couldn’t have looked more beautiful in her Paloma Blanca ballgown filling our hearts with joy here at Maggie Louise! We are thrilled to share a little peek at this sweet couple’s special day. Here in her own words Amanda tells the story of her love and special day. Enjoy!


How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story.: Andrew and I met while we were both students at the University of Alabama at a local bar in Tuscaloosa called The Bear Trap through some mutual friends in August 2014. We kept seeing each other throughout that fall semester going fraternity/sorority parties and going on dinner dates. As Christmas got closer, I knew we would have to end things since he was graduating and planned to move to San Francisco for work after graduation. About a week before finals, he let me know that his office asked him to relocate to Birmingham, AL. In January of 2015, we officially began dating and have been together ever since!

How did he propose? : Andrew was very sneaky and cool about the whole plan. Normally I can find out about surprises but not this one! In November of 2016, we planned a dinner for our families in Birmingham. Both of our families would be in town for the Alabama vs Mississippi State game (being that his dad is a huge State fan) and our families have multiple birthdays in the month of November. As we walked up to The Club for dinner (birthday cake in hand) I could see our families outside on the balcony looking at the view of downtown Birmingham. Before I knew what was happening, Andrew was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I'm still not sure I actually said yes I just squealed and nodded my head. It was such a special night made even more special by Andrew surprising me and having both of our best friends there too. We had dinner and drinks to celebrate our families becoming one big family. It was one of the best nights of my life!


What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? : The most memorable moment about our wedding day was by far our first look. For weeks before the wedding, I joked with Andrew that he better cry when he saw me or I would turn around. I had never seen Andrew cry at all and he's not a super emotional guy. So when it came time for our first look, of course I was crying before I walked out to the courtyard. As soon as Andrew turned around, I saw the biggest smiles and the sweetest most genuine tears of happiness roll down his face, which of course made me cry more. It was such a sweet and intimate moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.


What was the design inspiration or theme for your wedding? Why was this special to you as a couple?: We wanted our day to be very classic - a true representation of us. We had all white flowers and lots of silver and glass. The guys wore classic Vera Wang black and white tuxes and my girls wore stunning grey formfitting dresses.

Best advice you received while planning for marriage or your big day.: Not everything is going to go to plan on your wedding day which as a Type A personality, was devastating to hear. It doesn't matter how perfectly planned everything is, something is bound to go wrong. But the important part is to remember why you are there and that you are starting the rest of your life with your best friend.


What advice would you give to someone currently planning his or her wedding?: BE PRESENT. It is so, so easy to get caught up in planning and colors and flowers and guest lists. Slow down. Breathe. Enjoy this time of life you are in. It truly does go so quickly. Make sure to have normal conversations with your fiancé and not just make every day about wedding planning. It will be over before you know it!

Favorite part of the wedding planning process?: Wedding dress shopping by far!


What made you choose Maggie Louise when searching for your gown? : I knew that I wanted to go to Maggie Louise since wayyyy before I was engaged. The shop is 2 minutes away from my childhood home and I knew of multiple girls who found their dream gown at Maggie Louise! As soon as I got engaged, I made an appointment "just to look" (yeah right). I thought the process would be so much more complicated being a person who typically has trouble making decisions. Carolyn and Molly made choosing my dress the easiest part of the while planning process. My dream dress was something no one thought I would end up in, but when I put it on I truly had that "holy moly I'm a bride" moment. The girls at Maggie Louise made every part of the process from the first appointment to dress pick up unbelievably simple and comfortable. I'm forever thankful for Maggie Louise!

Tell us anything extra you'd like to share about your journey down the aisle + all that lies ahead. : Andrew and I are planning to buy our first house together in Birmingham soon! We have been almost nonstop traveling since our honeymoon and are planning even more trips for 2019!


VENUES: Canterbury United Methodist Church, and The Club

PLANNER &/or COORDINATOR: M Elizabeth Events - Candice Henderson

PHOTOGRAPHER: 2bPhotography

FLORIST: HotHouse | MUSIC: The Ty Reynolds Band

CATERER: The Club | CAKE: Edgar's Bakery

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTISTS: GLOW - Yazmin Cavale & Jenna Griffin

SEAMSTRESS: Kathy Farris

Stationary: Empress Stationary | Tuxes - Men's Wearhouse

Bridesmaids dresses: Bella Bridesmaids



Lovely Maggie Louise Bride Sarah married her sweetheart Beck this past April + it was a stunning day that makes us all swoon here at Maggie Louise! She stunned in her Anne Barge bridal gown and veil. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet couple!

No one can tell a love story like the one ones in love, so take a peek at their magical day + read what Sarah has to say about their magical day... 


How did y’all meet? Tell us your love story.: Beck and I met online; though, he likes to tell people we met in the grocery store or at church! ;) We first laid eyes on each other at Hog & Hominy and had the best first date we can both remember. I was instantly drawn to Beck because our conversation was so easy, and he had me laughing non stop. We closed the place down and have been inseparable ever since. Beck is the most kind person I have ever met and was so easy to fall in love with. He loves me better than anyone.


How did he propose? : In August of 2016, we spent a week out in California. We had planned the trip for months, with the highlight (or so I thought) being seeing Adele in LA. The plan was to leave LA and spend two days driving along the Pacific Coast to San Francisco. At the end of our first day of driving, which also happened to be my birthday, Beck took me to dinner at a small but delicious Italian restaurant in a tiny beach town called Cayucos. After dinner, Beck started telling me how much he loved me and how thankful he was to have me in his life. I thought this was a "it's your birthday / I love you" speech, but at the end, he asked me to marry him. I was COMPLETELY shocked, and truly didn't see it coming until he pulled the most beautiful ring I've ever seen out of his pocket. I remember screaming and asking if he was serious - I was just in such disbelief. I knew we would get married, but I thought traveling with a ring would be WAY too stressful, so I didn't expect it to happen while we were out of town! I'm such a planner, and still can't believe he pulled this off without me having the slightest clue. We spent the rest of the night taking pictures and calling our families and closest friends. I remember it like it was yesterday! 

The next day, we drove the rest of the way to San Francisco, through beautiful Big Sur, and I remember feeling happier than I've ever felt in my life. I was so excited to be engaged to Beck, we were surrounded by the most incredible scenery (GO to Big Sur if you haven't been!) and I was living in sheer bliss and joy of what had just happened. I don't think I stopped smiling for the rest of the trip.


What was your most memorable moment about your wedding day? : I remember when the doors opened and I started my walk down the aisle, seeing Beck, and being totally overwhelmed with emotion. My groom - who I waited forever for - was at the end of the aisle. My dad walking me down the aisle. And surrounding me were the people I love most in this life. It was incredible. I literally had to take deep breaths because I saw so overcome! It was joy and thankfulness and relief and excitement all bundled together. Like nothing I have experienced before.

What was the design inspiration or theme for your wedding? Why was this special to you as a couple?: Unlike most other brides, I never had a vision of my perfect wedding day. So, I was open to consider anything! Our venue, Teton Trek at the zoo, ended up being really special because Beck and I both love the outdoors, and he actually lived in Jackson Hole after school. It was the perfect mix of elegant and rustic, just like us.


Best advice you received while planning for marriage or your big day.: Beck and I did marriage counseling to help prepare for our marriage. I would highly encourage engaged couples do the same. We met with a couple at our church and had six sessions where we discussed all the "hot topics" of marriage. This helped us prepare for some of the situations we'd encounter in marriage, but also got us excited about our life as a married couple. 

The best advice I received as a bride was to let other people help me (which is HARD for me because I'm such a planner!). I had several people willing to step in and help - my mom, my sisters, a few of my best girlfriends - and Beck was also there every step of the way. There are so many small, minute tasks and details, and having people take those off my plate was such a relief. Our biggest help was Amy Tyler, our wedding planner. She was absolutely incredible, and I cannot recommend her enough. My parents and I could really enjoy the wedding planning process because Amy was on our team.

What advice would you give to someone currently planning his or her wedding?: Besides hiring every single one of our vendors!?! ENJOY the wedding week and wedding day. Try not to stress, and realize that once your wedding day arrives, nothing can stop you and your groom from having literally the best day of your lives! Once our wedding week arrived, I was so chill. I even surprised myself! But, I truly soaked in every moment, enjoyed being with all our guests and especially enjoyed the sweet time with Beck. Things didn't go 100% as planned on our day, but it truly did not matter.


Favorite part of the wedding planning process?: Our "wedding squad!" Beck, my parents and I all agree that we had THE BEST wedding team. Everyone was actively involved (vs. just being order takers) and sincerely wanted me and Beck to have the most incredible day. People were open to others' ideas, even if it wasn't their area of expertise. The team could not have gelled more perfectly! We really missed working with them once our wedding day was over.

What made you choose Maggie Louise when searching for your gown? : For me, finding my gown at Maggie Louise was a no brainer. I had heard countless rave reviews for Molly and her staff. I also know that Molly has exquisite taste in design, so was confident that not only would she have a large selection of beautiful gowns, but that I'd find something perfect for me. Also, as a native Memphian, I am so proud that we are the home of Maggie Louise, a well-known destination for brides! My experience at Maggie Louise did not disappoint... it was absolutely incredible, I felt like a queen, my family had the best time, and I walked out with a STUNNER dress.

Tell us anything extra you'd like to share about your journey down the aisle + all that lies ahead. : Our wedding day was - hands down - the best day of our lives. I flip through my wedding photos all. the. time. and I always get choked up because it brings back the best memories that I have (and also because I'm sad I can't relive that day!). As we approach our 1-year anniversary on April 22, I am SO excited for all the years that lie ahead. Beck is immeasurably more than I could ever ask for, and I'm so thankful that we'll share the rest of our days with each other!


VENUES: Colonial Park United Methodist Church / The Memphis Zoo - Teton Trek

Wedding Design and Planning: Amy Tyler Weddings


FLORIST: L & jay | MUSIC: The Soul Shockers

CATERER: Elizabeth Heiskell

CAKE: Wedding cake by Kipp Cakes and Groom's cake by Lee Sanders

HAIR + MAKEUP ARTISTS: Makeup by Kasey Acuff and Hair by Candy Goin


OFFICIANT”: Kennon Vaughan | RINGS: Tonos Jewelers



Our darling bride, Megan, who now wears the title of wife + will forever hold the title of a dear friend in our lives. She married Mr. Jenkins in the sweetest ceremony filled with handwritten nuptials + the happiest of tears. And they celebrated their new union at the home of her parents, who have raised three incredible women, two of which we have had the honor of dressing for their most special day. As you can see from the letter below + the images that tell their story below, Megan has a heart of gold + the most sincere, thoughtful way of expressing it to others. But what you will also see towards the end is just how fun this beautiful couple is!! Take a look at Megan's special day + all that she so graciously shared about her journey becoming a wife. 

Molly and Carolyn-
Where do I begin? I cannot believe it has been one year since my journey began with Maggie Louise. Since the day I walked in your doors leading up to my wedding day, your team has been right there with me. Your thoughtful emails, handwritten letters and regular check ins meant more to me than you will ever know. Picking a wedding dress is no easy task, but you both gave me the confidence and reassurance to know that I found 'the one'. I never once thought twice about or questioned my decision...which gave me such peace!
I have enclosed a few photos from October 28th that I have been ITCHING to share with you. Walking down the aisle with my Dad towards Will was truly the happiest moment of my life. Seeing the look (and tears) on his face when the chapel doors opened was something I envisioned since the day I met him and will hold so close to my heart forever. 
As I stood at the altar I couldn't help to look around at all the family and friends surrounding us with their love and support with such a full heart... and I thought of you! With three other Maggie Louise Brides standing with me and understanding the meaning/ experience behind the dress I wore made the experience even more special. The ML impression is a lasting one and I thank you for letting me experience it!
Wishing you all the best this holiday season and I know our paths will cross again!
Megan Jenkins

Megan + her sister Ashley, who was also a Maggie Louise bride. Both of these beautiful women wore a Rita Vinieris wedding gown down the aisle. We love how different their looks were, but both of their choices embodied who they are + both chose a timeless bridal look that will stand the test of time. 


THE PROPOSAL :  Will proposed to me one normal Saturday afternoon at home when i least suspected it. it was such a sweet, simple surprise I will always smile looking back on.


TELL US ABOUT YOUR WEDDING VENUES : Given we both were born and raised in Tennessee, we knew we wanted the special weekend to be close to home. We chose to be married in the church where I was both baptized and confirmed, Christ United Methodist . The reception took place in the front yard of my childhood home where my parents still live... But there was one big problem- a large tree that sat in the center of where we envisioned the tent. Will was tasked with taking a chainsaw out a few months prior to October 28th to chop it down. It made the day that much more special...and was pretty funny to watch.


TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST LOOK? Will and I decided from the beginning we would not have a 'first look'. Although it had us pressed for time and sunlight, this was actually my favorite decision made in the process. We both loved the added excitement and emotion that came along with our first look being as the church doors opened. I honestly didn't see one other person than Will in the church as my Dad walked me down. I was so excited to see him.


WHAT WOULD YOU TELL SOMEONE IN THE PLANNING PROCESS : Take chances in your planning, do something weird and outside of the box! As long as you stay true to your style and personality you will be so happy you went with that off the wall idea you once thought you could never pull off!


BEST ADVICE YOU RECEIVED WHILE PLANNING YOUR BIG DAY? Write your thank you notes immediately.


MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT : I can't chose just one! The most meaningful part of our wedding, to me, was exchanging the vows we wrote to one another. We have them printed off at home as a reminder to chose one another every day. The most fun and hilarious part was surprising our guests with a late night disco starting with a costume change of me and Will and a soul train entrance to hang the disco/ get the party started. Another unforgettable part was the surprise gospel choir who snuck in the back of the church as we exited. If you can't tell...I love surprises.


CONGRATULATIONS on your happy ever after, Mr. + Mrs. Jenkins!! 

Photographer | Julia Wade with Julia Wade Photography
Videographer | Dallas Wilson from Dallas Wilson Videography  
Planner | Mona Dunlap
Caterer | CFY Catering
Florist | The Garden District
Wedding Cake | Laura Jackson from The Flour Garden
Rentals / Lighting | Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals + White Door Events

MUSIC |  Atlanta Pleasure Band (Reception)
Courtney Richardson Gospel Choir (ceremony and cocktail hour)
Simply Strings (ceremony)
Charles Treadway Jazz Trio (rehearsal & Post toast)
PAPER | Christine Bellagamba with Ev Paper
Hair Stylist | Annie Coats
Makeup Artist | Kendrick Simpson



The always lovely Liancarlo collection will be visiting our boutique MAY 11th + MAY 12th!! 

Maggie Louise will be holding a designer preview of Liancarlo's latest line from April's bridal market. This means our ML brides will be the first gals to choose a gown from the new collection — talk about being ahead of the game + being a trendsetter! 

Here's a sneak peek at one of the latest styles we will be receiving this May. One weekend only + appointment times will book fast, so click the button below to request your one-on-one bridal appointment! 




Two of our new arrivals from Lela Rose have us swooning + even more excited for the arrival of Spring! 

The Kensington

The Kensington

The Capri

The Capri


To add some fun in the mix — here are our the ML team picks for favorite Lela Rose styles in store! 

"A touch of whimsy with a twist. The metallic lace adds a pop of fun."


 "Simple + effortless, sophisticated, and a touch of sexy."


"Low back + beautiful lace ... Easy, yet sophisticated."


"It was designed years ago and is still in-style. Timeless beauty ... like my wife!"


CLICK HERE to read more about Lela Rose + the collection at Maggie Louise! And here is a look at Lela's Spring 2018 Bridal Runway below. As with everything she touches, Lela goes above + beyond to create an experience with her brand — whether it be ready to wear, a bridal gown, or her runway show, which is always presented as a classy + dreamy afternoon tea : 

ML BRIDE | Chelsea Kotara


ML BRIDE | Chelsea Kotara

Chelsea + Andrew tied the knot in New Orleans in September 2017 + it was a fairytale affair that makes us all swoon here at Maggie Louise! She was a vision in her custom Monique Lhuillier bridal gown, which was hand beaded by our incredible seamstress. Chelsea's bridal look was one for the books + embodied who she is as a woman beautifully. 

No one can tell a love story like the one who has lived it, so take a look at their magical day + read what Chelsea has to say about their journey down the aisle ... 


HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN? Our love story began like so many others, St. Patrick's Day of 2014 ... a girl in a green wig asking a man for his number. Some may say that it was the green beer that convinced Andrew to give me his number, but we all know that it was really the wig that did him in! After months of dating and meeting all of the friends, Andrew FINALLY got on the same page as Chelsea and realized that this could really be "the one". Our anniversary is Labor Day , making the month of September a very special one for us!


THE PROPOSAL :  Traveling the world together is something that has really set the stage for us as a couple. We love experiencing life together and try not to sweat the small stuff — So, it is no surprise that Andrew decided to propose on one of their vacations in Positano, Italy. It is true what they say ... Italy is the country of Romance! I thought we were just going to be drinking wine, eating cheese, and staring into each other's eyes for 10 days straight, but little did I know that Andrew had been lying through his teeth for the past 2 months and had endlessly researched rings, asked my dad for her hand in marriage (along with my younger brother Trey, let the waterworks begin), and flew to New York to pick out the perfect rock. Andrew, being a closet-romantic, planned the entire proposal and even had a couple to film and photograph the whole thing from our balcony with the Positano night in the background. The already perfect vacation took a slight turn and ended up being an engagement celebration, trust with still plenty of wine and cheese, that neither of us will ever forget.


WHAT LED YOU TO MAGGIE LOUISE : What DIDN'T make me want to choose Maggie Louise? I mean, everything I read online and heard through friends was absolutely true. The awards and accolades that the boutique has received are so well-deserved and I wanted to be a part of that. I knew that they would listen to me and prioritize how I wanted to look and feel on my wedding day. The dresses that ML offers are beautiful and unique and you get that' special moment' without having to fly across the world to find it!


MOST MEMORABLE WEDDING DAY MOMENT : Our first look!! Instead of doing the traditional, secluded first look moment, we hit the streets and did it in front of 5 bars, multiple bystanders, all of our wedding party... and to our surprise... a Harrah's parade! So, why was this the most memorable moment? Well, the obvious being that it was our first time to see each other, which was emotional and everything we thought it would be. BUT the moment I started to walk towards Andrew's back, the parade band started to play traditional New Orleans music. It was worthy of all of the goose-bumps!




    HOW DID Y'ALL PICK NEW ORLEANS? As you've read, we love to travel! We knew we didn't want to do a wedding in our home city of Memphis, though we love it endlessly. Chelsea was on a flight and started up a conversation with the man next to her about a destination wedding that was still accessible to friends and family. This man, a part of the NYC symphony, had so much to say about the music, food and culture of New Orleans that sounded exactly like the kind of place we wanted to have our wedding.

    We started researching that very same weekend + Andrew actually found the venue on Instagram! It's beautiful plantation grounds and the extensive list of items included on the big day, made Southern Oaks Plantation the obvious choice for an out-of-town wedding. I wanted the day to be stress-free and all about Andrew and I. I didn't want to fuss with some of the small stuff, I wanted the experts to handle what they are good at, and OMG did they out-do themselves! Horse and carriage, fireworks, personal attendants, the works!


    WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT IN MARRIAGE? Having 'my person' for the rest of my life. There is something so comforting and peaceful knowing that you are so loved by someone. I see all of the possibilities of our future when I look at Andrew. He brings me such joy, comforts me when I'm sad, makes me laugh until I cry, encourages me to be a better person, and makes me feel like a million bucks every single day.




    FIRST DANCE SONG : Our first dance was to Roy Orbison, "You Got It", it is such a sweet song. We wanted to dance so also needed a song that was up-beat! Andrew found this song and sent it to me while I was on a business trip. I put it over the car speaker for the first time while I was driving and had to pull over because I was crying so hard! It showed me that this is what Andrew thought about when he thought of our relationship. He said he wanted it as our first dance song, and I had to say yes.


    Photographer | Lance Nicoll
    Ceremony + Reception Venue | Southern Oaks Plantation
    Florist | Fabulous Flowers
    Band | Crescent City Soul
    Hair Stylist | Salon 387 - Elaine Clayton
    Makeup Artist | Flawless Bride
    Bridesmaids’ Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids - Amsale
    Groom Attire : Tom James




    If there is one thing we love around here, it is making people feel loved + seeing others be loved well! Out of our passion to deliver that tangible + experiential type of love at Maggie Louise, a next adventure + latest product launch has come to life.

    We are excited to introduce Maggie Louise HAPPIES!


    Our "HAPPIES" are a curated collection of meaningful + elevated gift boxes created to help you celebrate the ones you love. They are composed of beautiful, yet useful products to help you easily deliver personal + thoughtful gifts. Whether you are celebrating a major milestone, bestowing tokens of appreciation, or simply blessing someone's day, HAPPIES can help you say it in a visible + lasting way.

    "HAPPILY EVER AFTER"  :  a premium keepsake box, perfect for a bride-to-be to commemorate her groom popping the question.  Includes a congratulations card, a bubbly beverage, a notebook for wedding ideas, a Bling Brush to shine her ring, chocolate bar, + all the relaxation essentials : face mask, bath fizzy, + candle.

    "HAPPILY EVER AFTER" : a premium keepsake box, perfect for a bride-to-be to commemorate her groom popping the question.

    Includes a congratulations card, a bubbly beverage, a notebook for wedding ideas, a Bling Brush to shine her ring, chocolate bar, + all the relaxation essentials : face mask, bath fizzy, + candle.

    Can't say "I DO" without your crew! Ask your ride or die girls to stand by your side with a   "BRIDE'S TRIBE"   box. This petite keepsake box includes a card, chocolate, a fun bath fizzy + candle! 

    Can't say "I DO" without your crew! Ask your ride or die girls to stand by your side with a "BRIDE'S TRIBE" box. This petite keepsake box includes a card, chocolate, a fun bath fizzy + candle! 


    HAPPIES were created with our brides in mind! Assemble your list of ladies to help you say "I DO" + we will put together the perfect box to help YOU pop the question too. 

    Get your best gal wedding day ready with our   "BEST DAY EVER"   happy!     This premium gift box includes a luxiourious bridal robe, a bubbly beverage, a card, chocolate bar, candle, + everything she needs for the honeymoon ... a bath bar, foot soak, + face mask. 

    Get your best gal wedding day ready with our "BEST DAY EVER" happy!

    This premium gift box includes a luxiourious bridal robe, a bubbly beverage, a card, chocolate bar, candle, + everything she needs for the honeymoon ... a bath bar, foot soak, + face mask. 

    A keepsake that communicates love + self care!  O ur petite, relaxation gift box,   "GOOD VIBES" ,  comes with a card, foot soak, a bath bar, hand creme + a candle! 

    A keepsake that communicates love + self care! Our petite, relaxation gift box, "GOOD VIBES"comes with a card, foot soak, a bath bar, hand creme + a candle! 


    Visit our HAPPIES page for a look at gift box options currently available for purchase! Our "BRIDE'S TRIBE" boxes are built to help you ask your favorite ladies to stand by your side. The "BEST DAY EVER" box is perfect for arming the bride-to-be for all she needs on the big day. Our relaxation boxes are made to pamper a hostess or honor someone who has helped along the way. And lastly, if you're looking to build your own box, give us a ring + we would LOVE to bring your HAPPIES to life. 


    We are excited to add this extra element to our arsenal here at Maggie Louise in an effort to make a bride's journey down the aisle as easy as possible. We can't wait to build your HAPPIES + spread the love far and wide! 


    Our HAPPIES FAQ page includes more information, but feel free to contact us for any assistance you may need in bringing your boxes to life! We are excited to help you spread happiness near + far!

    ML BRIDE | Cameron Luttrell Chiaro

    ML BRIDE | Cameron Luttrell Chiaro

    Cameron married Mr. Chiaro on a dreamy December day! She chose a stunning, silk a-line gown for their special day + it was the perfect match for her handsome groom in his military blues. There love knows no bounds + it was so apparent in the way Cameron is committed to following Anthony wherever life takes them.

    Congratulations, Cameron!  


    PHOTOGRAPHY | Masa Kathryn Photography
    RECEPTION| Old Waverly, West Point, MS
    HAIR + MAKEUP | Avery Senter



    Our newest Anne Barge arrivals are now gracing the racks at Maggie Louise + here is a little look at what is now in store! From sleek, sophisticated designs to gowns with a touch of whimsy + delicate sparkle, Anne Barge's 2018 collections offer the perfect look for every bride. 

    Camelot by Anne Barge

    Camelot by Anne Barge

    Camelot by Anne Barge

    Camelot by Anne Barge

    Candice by Anne Barge

    Candice by Anne Barge

    Catherine by Anne Barge

    Catherine by Anne Barge

    Celine by Anne Barge

    Celine by Anne Barge

    Celine by Anne Barge

    Celine by Anne Barge

    Demi by Anne Barge

    Demi by Anne Barge

    Zara by Anne Barge

    Zara by Anne Barge

    Demi by Anne Barge

    Demi by Anne Barge



    We are tickled to share all of our new goodies from HAUTE BRIDE have arrived! From champagne studs + bold statement pieces, these designer pieces are to-die-for + the perfect way to polish your bridal look. 

    The HAUTE BRIDE accessory line is handmade in California + all of their designs have full customization opportunities (if you can dream it, they can do it!) + have a lifetime warranty. HAUTE BRIDE creates pieces with the intention of brides being able to wear their accessories not just for their wedding day, but for all special occasions that lie ahead. 


    ML BRIDE | Kaitlin Gullick Schaefer

    ML BRIDE | Kaitlin Gullick Schaefer

    If you were to dream up a classic, southern fairytale, MR. + MRS. Schaefer's wedding day would be just that! Our Maggie Louise bride, Kaitlin, was more than words in her Anne Barge bridal gown. From the second she stepped into it, there was no doubt in her mind this was the one made for her. 

    From the getting ready shots to late night celebration, she was glowing! Congratulations, Kaitlin + Thomas! And cheers to all the years ahead! 


    PHOTOGRAPHY | Kelly Ginn Photography
    FLORALS | Paula DeClerk
    CAKE | The Flour Garden
    RECEPTION| The University Club of Memphis
    HAIR | Annie at Juve Salon
    MAKEUP | Matt Gossett

    ML BRIDE | Melissa Doung Namba

    ML BRIDE | Melissa Doung Namba

    Melissa's wedding is what destination dreams are made of + her MAGGIE LOUISE gown couldn't have been a more perfect match for tying the knot in the Arizona sunset!



    The semi-annual ML SALE is taking place February 12th - February 23rd! Majority of gowns will be marked down to $1,500 (originally priced at $2,500-7,500). To find out more, visit our EVENTS page or REQUEST YOUR APPOINTMENT



    Hot off the runway, the latest BERTA collection will be visiting MAGGIE LOUISE January 26th + 27th! Inspired by the Spanish capital, the Fall/Winter 2018 "Seville" collection features soft, airy fabrics + delicate embroideries, giving the gowns a romantic twist to her traditionally daring designs. Composed of sparkly embellishments + lots of sultry, sheer detailing, BERTA wedding dresses have become world renown for their signature silhouettes + eye-catching craftsmanship.

    ML BRIDE | Caitlin Hamm Witt

    ML BRIDE | Caitlin Hamm Witt

    She married Mr. Witt in a sweet Sunday ceremony + the snowfall made for such a magical winter wedding day! Her timeless, classic Paloma Blanca ballgown was the perfect match + as you can see, captured her joy + beauty quite perfectly.  Wishing you two the absolute best in this adventure as husband + wife, Caitlin!