Finding a gown is like finding a groom - there are lots of pretty dresses in the world, but there is one that just feels right + unlike anything else before. At MAGGIE LOUISE, we are passionate about getting to know who you truly are, because your wedding gown should be a reflection of the woman you are + the wife you will soon be.

Let me tell you a little bit about my people who help make this place a safe haven, believe in + pray over this mission, and serve selflessly alongside me daily. There are lots of bridal boutiques out there where you can find a pretty gown, but I wholeheartedly believe that my team makes MAGGIE LOUISE unlike anything else in the world! 



OWNER + OG (operations guy)

In 2010, after only two months of dating, this handsome man sat across the table as I confided in him my hopes and dreams of opening a bridal boutique. I had always wanted to marry him, but in that moment, when he listened to my deepest desires and encouraged me to go for it, his faith in me totally sealed the deal. Six years later, I’m now honored to call him my husband, my best friend, and my business partner!

Eric works mostly behind the scenes, but his heart + passion for making  the best possible bridal experience for every single woman who comes through our doors is what makes us one of the best boutiques in the country. He handles the not-so-glamorous side of running a small business (think numbers, spreadsheets, + never ending paperwork) but his eye for detail + commitment to constant improvement keeps us all focused on what matters every day— the bride.

His favorite thing about what he does is seeing his ideas for improvement come to life as I get to connect with each bride in her appointment and strive to give her the level of service she deserves when making one of the biggest decisions of her life. From that first conversation where this was all just a crazy dream to the details of everyday life here, he has always been my biggest cheerleader, my most devoted coach, and my closest friend.


boutique manager + bridal stylist

For years, Eric would ask me during our vision casting meetings what type of gal I wanted to add to our team to serve brides alongside us + I would always answer "I haven't found her, but I do know she's a Carolyn". As The Lord always does, He heard my heart + graciously answered our prayers. He not only blessed us with "a Carolyn", but The Carolyn herself. Her genuine + pure passion for life, her drive, and positive nature made her the perfect match for our Maggie Louise dreams.

After many years in the big retail world, her heart desired a place where she could connect with her clients on a deeper, more personal level + see the fruits of her labor come to life. Her greatest joy within her position at Maggie Louise is sharing her love for the communion of marriage + serving other women as they prepare for this journey themselves.

She's a Georgia gal, transplanted to Tennessee after finishing her degree in Fashion Merchandising at University of Tennessee in 2008. She married one of Eric's lifelong friends, Jon, in 2014 + they welcomed a sweet baby girl + future ML bride, Miller, in May 2016.