Welcome to MAGGIE LOUISE, a lovely, chic bridal boutique tucked away like a
well-kept secret in a Memphis, Tennessee neighborhood. What started out as a leap of faith in 2012 has grown into a top 50 Bridal Salon in the nation.

Finding a gown is like finding a groom - there are lots of pretty dresses in the world, but there is one that just feels right + unlike anything else before. At MAGGIE LOUISE, we are passionate about getting to know who you truly are, because your wedding gown should be a reflection of the woman you are + the wife you will soon be.

Our mission at MAGGIE LOUISE to make your bridal gown search a little sweeter. By infusing it with a wholesome dose of southern hospitality & love, ML creates a bridal experience unlike any other. Our passion resides in the meaning of marriage + loving our brides well on their journey to becoming a wife. There’s not much that fills our hearts with more joy (well, aside from Jesus, our better halves, + our little tykes) than uniting a bride with her perfect gown – a match just as singularly destined for her as her groom - amidst the comfort and joy of her loved ones. MAGGIE LOUISE bonds our reverence of bridal couture and southern charm.

Let me tell you a little bit about my people who help make this place a safe haven, believe in + pray over this mission, and serve selflessly alongside me daily. There are lots of bridal boutiques out there where you can find a pretty gown, but I wholeheartedly believe that my team makes MAGGIE LOUISE unlike anything else in the world!